Emerald Valley lamb is produced in the fertile, pristine Goldfields region of western Victoria.  Lamb has been produced there since 1880, giving it a rich history with solid blood lines.  Widely considered a natural haven, the region is internationally recognised as one of the best grazing environments for producing premium export quality lamb that is delicate and succulent.


As the 'superior taste by nature', all Emerald Valley lambs are 100% natural free range pasture fed lambs that have access to lush natural grass, clean water, and fresh country air.  This type of feeding process enables the lambs to reach their potential in a stress free environment the way nature had intended – free from hormones and growth promotants.


Emerald Valley lamb is processed by the Australian Lamb Company (ALC). ALC is Australia’s premier lamb processor, and the market leaders in the supply of chilled lamb to Australia and the world’s most prestigious establishments. Through good stock selection, efficient processing and wet ageing, ALC can guarantee that from pasture to plate, all Emerald Valley lamb will deliver mouth watering tenderness.


Graded under the MSA (Eating Quality) program, Emerald Valley lamb is the latest premium meat offering under the Emerald Valley brand that is available exclusively through Classic Meats and Bidfood branches.


Emerald Valley lamb has a wide selection of cuts available to customers which include:



If you are not a Classic Meats or Bidfood customer, but would like to purchase Emerald Valley lamb, contact us.


To guarantee optimum freshness, the Australian Lamb Company (ALC) ensures Emerald Valley lambs are slaughtered to export hygiene standards.  ALC products are tested and monitored throughout all the steps in the process.  Further to this, only those transport companies that are appropriately accredited in the transport of livestock and that can provide an excellent link in the cold chain for the transport of carcases are utilised.


The food processing facilities that dress Emerald Valley lambs are assessed against stringent requirements and comprehensive testing is completed to support this.

ALC has a commitment to their own breeding programs that have been designed to turn out premium quality lambs.  ALC also contract farmers who supply them with lambs grown to ALC specifications to ensure that they can meet the customer’s requirements.  Lambs are also purchased by the ALC team of company buyers. ALC’s network of buyers covers Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania, enabling them to guarantee their customers a constant supply of superb quality lamb.


Emerald Valley lamb carcases are delivered and further processed at ALC’s modern, export licensed premises in Melbourne.  It is here where the Emerald Valley lamb product is moved through ALC’s strict processing structure, with all items packaged into store under active refrigeration that runs at a constant flow to maintain product integrity throughout the cold chain process.


Product and processes are constantly monitored under the Quality System Certification ISO 9001:2000, BRC, HACCP, HALAL & AQIS approved MSQA Programs.  This enables the ALC to have confidence in the presentation and quality of the product offered to customers. Shipments are monitored throughout transportation which enables the customer to download information pertaining to their shipments.


The ability to monitor all Emerald Valley lamb products throughout the complete process, from paddock to plate, ensures ALC maintains total quality control, and gives complete confidence to customers ordering Emerald Valley lamb.