Emerald Valley beef is grown in the lush pastures of the Northern Rivers and New England regions in New South Wales.  Rolling green hills, clean fresh country air and flowing streams combine to create the ideal landscape for producing succulent Australian beef.


Emerald Valley beef is free range pasture fed, predominantly British bred Hereford and their crosses.  Cattle roam freely, grazing upon grass paddocks in a serene and stress-free environment that allows them to grow naturally to their ideal weight at the age of approximately 24 months.


Emerald Valley’s livestock supply is backed by approximately 126 farmers who operate both small and large facilities, dependent on the time of year, all of whom are dedicated to producing quality pasture fed beef.  All Emerald Valley beef is processed wholly and exclusively for Classic Meats (both in Australia and internationally) at the Northern Co-Operative Meat Company, a farmer owned conglomerate of 1,600 members.


Independently graded for the MSA (Eating Quality) program, Emerald Valley is truly a premium beef.


Emerald Valley beef has a wide selection of cuts available to customers which include:



If you are not a Classic Meats or Bidfood customer, but would like to purchase Emerald Valley beef, contact us.


Livestock handling and product traceability
The health and welfare of animals processed under the Emerald Valley brand is of primary importance at all stages of livestock handling.  The Northern Co-operative Meat Company, who are responsible for processing Emerald Valley beef, maintain good husbandry practices and strict quarantine protocols to guarantee considerate treatment of animals and the maintenance of disease-free stock for processing.


Australia has a widely-accepted disease-free status, and the Australian Cattle Industry has developed systems to verify and assure the food safety status and other quality attributes of cattle.


The National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) is a traceability system based on an electronic tag secured on individual cattle.  This allows the tracking of cattle from the farm to the point of processing. This whole of life traceability allows for carcases to be correlated with the original Property Identification Code (PIC), ensuring precise trace back through the processing plant.

Food safety and HACCP
For Emerald Valley and the Northern Co-operative Meat Company, food safety is a top priority.  The approved arrangement is underpinned by a comprehensive Quality Assurance program applied extensively throughout all processing stages at the establishment. From receiving livestock, right through to shipping and load out, you can be assured that the product has met the most stringent of food safety requirements.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a process used for the identification, evaluation and control of food safety hazards.  The Northern Co-operative Meat Company’s HACCP program is underpinned by a set of comprehensive sanitation standard operating procedures.  Operating a comprehensive HACCP program, in combination with good hygienic practices and a structured education program for food handlers, ensures that the highest standards of food safety are met.


If you would like to know more about the Northern Co-operative Meat Company and their management systems, please visit ncmc-co.com.au


As a Halal meat processor, the Northern Co-operative Meat Company has a registered program which complies 100% with AGAHP (Australian Government Authorised Halal Program) guidelines.  All Halal meat processing facilities must submit to regular AGAHP inspections.


Emerald Valley Beef is proud to be a Halal approved meat brand.