The proof is in the eating, so we invite you to come and enjoy Emerald Valley – superior taste by nature.

Nourished in a lush, pristine environment, Emerald Valley is an industry leading meat brand grown and developed specifically for the foodservice industry.  It is also the first high profile Australian meat brand produced by and available exclusively through Bidfood Australia – the leading Australian wholesale distributor.


The 'superior taste by nature', Emerald Valley is a Meat Standards Australia (MSA) certified label, which means it is produced to the strictest of specifications to ensure it remains a premium meat brand.  Further endorsing Emerald Valley as a premium brand is Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) who approved licensing for both Emerald Valley beef and Emerald Valley lamb.


Before bringing Emerald Valley to the market, countless hours were spent behind the scenes to ensure that the final product was of the highest eating quality.  Some of the meat industry's most experienced and highly sort after talent was consulted, signifying the importance of developing a meat brand, geared for long-term success.


This experience, coupled with a significant marketing program developed by Bidfood Australia in conjunction with MLA, has enabled the brand to grow quickly into one of the best emerging meat brands from Australia.


Launched in 2012, both Emerald Valley beef and Emerald Valley lamb are already recognised nationally and internationally.  The Emerald Valley brand has gained considerable momentum.  Customers Australia-wide and from overseas regions including New Zealand, Dubai, China and the Czech Republic have already chosen to feature Emerald Valley on their menus.


Emerald Valley Dubai Launch

The first Emerald Valley international launch took place in Dubai. Local and international chefs were on hand to be a part of this fantastic event that showcased Emerald Valley beef and lamb.


Emerald Valley beef and lamb is developed by and available exclusively through Classic Meats and Bidfood Australia branches. 


All Classic Meats and Bidfood branch customers have access to Emerald Valley.

Our branded beef and lamb primals are available through Bidfood branches throughout Australia, while portion cut meats can be obtained from selected branches.

If you are a current Classic Meats or Bidfood customer and would like to place an order or find out more about Emerald Valley, contact your local branch or call the HOTLINE on 1800 653 185. 

Orders can also be placed via Bidfood’s online ordering. If you do not have an online ordering account, please contact the HOTLINE or click here to get started.

If you are not a current Classic Meats or Bidfood customer, simply complete the contact form and we will be in touch.